My reason for seeking office in Rowlett is simple. City Hall needs to make the citizens of Rowlett its top priority. The people of Rowlett deserve transparency and accountability in their leaders. Voters need to know that their leaders will listen to them, and act on their behalf. As mayor, I will be a voice for the people in City Hall. From speaking with concerned citizens, I have noticed several recurring complaints. 

  • Rowlett needs to resolve the lack of transparency and accountability in the city. We need to make information about city politics more accessible to citizens.
  • We need to encourage citizen involvement by having different forums for public comment. We will have informational meetings and live video explanations of current issues. 
  • The city government needs to protect and repair Rowlett. We should hold developers accountable to higher standards. City leaders must listen and consider public comment in this regard. For example, Rowlett needs to prevent alcohol from being sold near our schools. 
  • City leaders must take initiative to further programs such as Meals on Wheels. We will also create new programs that help children, the elderly, and veterans. 
  • The infrastructure of the city is a serious concern for many citizens. We need to fix alleyways and potholes to make our roads safer for drivers, pedestrians, and bikers. We will identify traffic problems and will resolve them to ensure quality for our residences. 
  • We need to continue to support the police and fire departments. They risk their lives for our citizens and our city leaders must prioritize these heroes.  
  • Rowlett is developing rapidly and we need to make sure that we are still addressing environmental implications. People are concerned that every empty green space is being developed at a rapid pace. Many citizens question whether Rowlett can handle the growth. City council must address this issue. 
  • Our city needs innovative leadership techniques to make Rowlett a welcoming city for ALL people. 

Citizens of Rowlett have higher standards than what they are getting. It’s time the city and its officials are held to those higher standards as well. As mayor, I will assure that all voices are heard so that the people’s standards are met. 

Your Neighbor. Your Choice. Your Vote. #ChangeForRowlett

Election Day: August 26, 2017